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Trithrinax campestris

Blue Needle Palm, Caranday palm tree
Tot. height: 80-90cm, trunk: 20+cm, pot: ø 55cm deco, 70Kg. Only sent to Germany
€ 149.50 - 16% = € 125.00

Winter protection for plants

Plant Protection

This winter protection program is optimal to protect palms and other exotics. Some details of this product:

  • Optimal pyramid form with zipper and tie ropes for around the trunk or pot.
  • Excellent protection in combination with straw inside.
  • The straw is accesible from the top and the bottom. Perfect for convenient ventilation, irrigation or adjustment of insulation for cold nights.
  • Waterproof, Wind- and UV- restistant but well ventilated.
  • We advise to use a bamboo stick to protect the top of the leaves against damage from snow.
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1.2Kg. Topseller-B- 250x150cm Light yellow - square form - zipper and tie ropes- 1 piece - HEAVY QUALITY 100gram/m2

€ 39.95 - 25% =  € 29.95

Yucca rostrata

Beaked Yucca
Tot. height: 30-40cm, pot: ø 12cm, 350g.
€ 9.95 - 20% = € 7.95

Yucca whipplei

Palm lily
Pot: ø 20cm, 4.5Kg.
€ 18.95 - 26% = € 13.95

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